Leighton show at Nickle Galleries 6 June - 19 July 2014


Alberta Government Employees ca. 1973
painted woodcuts on hundred year old salvaged
Douglas Fir
48" x 48"
Lisa Brawn

Museo Poco / Sugar Cube / La Fenêtre

history of the window gallery at 924 17th Ave SW Calgary

Museo Poco, Sugar Cube, La Fenêtre gallery

This small scale interdisciplinary project space was originally started by the United Congress in 1999 as One Minute Happiness. In 2007 they handed it over to me and I renamed it Museo Poco. When Angie Inglis + Jane Grace + I closed Sugar Shack Art Salon in 2010 we co-curated the window gallery as Sugar Cube. It is currently operating as the collaborative space La Fenêtre between myself + Eddie Olson + White-field Senate.

Photos row 1:
Romana Prokopiw / Leslie Sweder / Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner / John Will / Tanzerpudel (pudilluminator)

row 2:
Jolie Bird / Sally Raab / Jack Bride

Sugar Shack Art Salon

DIY 2009-2010

Sugar Shack Art Salon

The Sugar Shack Art Salon was an independent gallery and interdisciplinary project space run by Angela "Fat Harp Malone" Inglis, Lisa "Pretty Liver McGee" Brawn, and Jane "Boney Jones" Grace in 2009 and 2010 in a turn-of-the-century “cottage” in residential NW Calgary. Sugar Shack featured 77 local, provincial and national artists at shows such as Debutante’s Ball, Nursies, Paper Jam, Love Shack, DioramaRama!, God Show 2: The Resurrection, and Genderblender. There was also an artist residency, The L. S. Benschop Institute for the Preservation & Veneration of Imagination & Nostalgia. The art salon was closed when centipedes fell from the light sockets.


Sugarmobile and the Bambi Media Machine


Sugarmobile was an artmobile in a 1935 silver trailer from 2001 - 2002. Sugarmobile appeared at ACAD, Estate Gallery, Calgary Folk Festival, Stride Gallery, The Art Gallery of Calgary, and made several appearances in the parking lot of Carpenters Hall in Kensington, Calgary.

Bambi Media Machine was an artmobile in a 1962 Airstream Bambi from 2009 to 2010. This artmobile debuted in August 2009 with the Mobile Surgical Beautification Unit performance and film “I Liked You Better Before”.

DIY Art Galleries

independent art salons '02 - '07

DIY Art Calgary

Sugar Gallery was a 300 sq. ft. project space and alternative art salon in the Grain Exchange Building in downtown Calgary, 2001 - 2002. Sugar Estate Art Salon and Museum of Oddities was a collaboration between Milo Dlouhy, Lisa Brawn, and Angela Inglis, 2003 - 2004. The National Portrait Gallery Inc.’s Portrait Estate was a six month storefront museum collaboration between Milo Dlouhy, Lisa Brawn, and Angela Inglis, May - November 2007.

Interview with an artist:

Lisa Brawn

Interview with an artist:

Question: What kind of artwork do you make?

Figurative woodcuts and paintings and scheming up alternative venues/ project spaces: Sugarmobile, Sugar Gallery, Museo Poco (window gallery), The Bambi Media Machine, and the upcoming pushc+artmobile "M.E.A.T.B.A.L.L". 
With Milo Dlouhy and Angela Inglis: Sugar Estate Art Salon and Museum of Oddities and The National Portrait Gallery Inc's Portrait Estate.
With Angela Inglis and Jane Grace: Sugar Shack Art Salon and Sugar Cube.
With White-Field Senate and Eddie Olson: La Fenêtre (window gallery)

Axis Contemporary Art Statement

Representing the energy, imagination and creativity of Canadian and International artists.

Axis Contemporary Art Statement

axis logoWhat is your artwork about (underlying concept, focus, themes, intent, etc)?

At this point my art practice is a big playpen with certain parameters: the medium and technique of woodcut cherry, walnut, and century-old Douglas fir, the portrait genre, historical photographic records (especially from the Glenbow archives), circus sideshow references, and about fifty years of popular culture from the 1920s (silent film cowboys like Hoot Gibson and Tom Mix) to the 1970s iconic gender archetypes such as Sophia Loren and Steve McQueen.

Dangerous Minds


Dangerous Minds

spotlight on Dangerous Minds

I Liked You Better Before

Mobile Surgical Beautification Unit

I Liked You Better Before - Trailer

Plot Summary

Inspired by freak carnival sideshow and the infamous Lobotomobile, "I Liked You Better Before" tells the story of a band of charlatans who travel through rural Canada performing plastic surgery procedures at breakneck pace on farmers and townspeople ca. 1969. The surgeries are performed in the Mobile Surgical Beautification Unit, a vintage Airstream Bambi trailer.

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