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Sugar Gallery was a 300 sq. ft. project space and alternative art salon in the Grain Exchange Building in downtown Calgary, 2001 - 2002. 
List of shows: Sugar Smut Show, Bird of Paradise, Cubaism, Lewd Did I Live, The Sissy Brown Film Festival, Who is Gonna Walk Me Home, Light Show, The Not Exactly as Shown Show, Runnin’ Around Lookin’ Pretty, Fiji Mermaid, Sweaty Betty, and Lick Your Stitches.

Sugar Estate Art Salon and Museum of Oddities was a collaboration between Milo Dlouhy, Lisa Brawn, and Angela Inglis, 2003 - 2004.
List of shows: Patented Rotary Duplicator, the Lapidary Pastiche Project, Utopia’s Stations / Protovision / Orbit (Tom Andriuk, Joe Kelly, Amy Sallenbach), Old Man Show, Lullaby Baxter Cabaret, Tempestuous Mesomorphs and The Location of Your Whereabouts, Surrealist Literary Salon, The Super Modern Tragic Beauty Show, Talentless Amateurs Scathing Revue and Lucid performance, The Idea of Meaning, FIASCO, 1st Annual Festival of Wrongheadedness,  Laura Kavanaugh & Ian Birse performance, The Carbon Family, BIC INK.

The National Portrait Gallery Inc.’s Portrait Estate was a six month DIY storefront museum collaboration between Milo Dlouhy, Lisa Brawn, and Angela Inglis, May - November 2007.
List of shows: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner, John's Little Storefront Ministry, Leopard Print Panties, Uniform Man, and Big Teeth in Green Suit, GOD Show, I Like Beuys - Performance, Portrait Estate Exhibition & Stampede, United Congress Propaganda,  Posthumous Rembrandt Self-Portrait, Gilmore Hanko - The Blind Painter, Maximum Capacity Performance, PM22

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