I Liked You Better Before

Mobile Surgical Beautification Unit

I Liked You Better Before - Trailer

The dynamic and charismatic Barker, who is equal parts Mad Hatter and used car salesman, offers patented instant beautification transformations at a bargain rate. locals are offered five procedures for the price of one and "the heavy, the homely, the unfortunate" are swindled out of their savings in exchange for the opportunity to be saved by way of liposuction, facelifts, and implants.

The instant beautification transformations are performed by the bearded board-certified surgeon, "Dr. Lady". One by one the locals enter the trailer to undergo their beautification transformations and one by one they emerge in what becomes an increasingly disturbing parade of horribles. With the Barker's staff on hand cheering enthusiastically, even the most botched of surgeries seems to pass muster or at least to leave the transformed in a state of bewilderment lasting long enough for the Mobile Surgical Beautification Unit to skip town in search for the next pack of ugly ducklings longing to be swans.

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