Made in Calgary:

The 2000s

Made in Calgary:

At Glenbow and Nickle Galleries
September 19 - December 13 2014

My giant woodcut portrait of John Will is on view
(from the collection of The Alberta Foundation for the Arts)

2015 Calendar

Andrews McMeel Publishing

2015 Calendar

Last year Andrews McMeel contacted me about a wild bird woodcut calendar. It has finally arrived and it's beautiful! 

Available in stores and through the publisher:

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum


Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

Contemporary Art Goes Circus!
September 12, 2014 - January 25, 2015
Dobson Main Gallery

Ten-in-One, which is a reference to sideshow attractions, focuses on artists whose works embody the circus aesthetic with a contemporary twist. The exhibition features 10 acts (10 artists) in one show: Carrie Battista, Lisa Brawn, Tyson Grumm, Shawn Ray Harris, Jan Huling, Martin Janecky, Sergei Isupov, Jessica Joslin, Liz McGrath and Mike Stilkey.

Quarter Horse

BEAKERHEAD September 2014

Quarter Horse

In 2013 I bought a vintage kiddie ride business; thirty coin-operated mechanical horses. These had been in front of Calgary stores such as Woolworths and Woodwards since the 1950s and 60s. The horses were in a state of extreme disrepair, having been neglected for a decade. 

My intention was to transform them into a giant kinetic sculpture. They required mechanical refurbishment and I removed rotten tack and sandblasted the blistered surfaces down to reveal layers of paint built up over six decades...


Leighton show at Nickle Galleries 6 June - 19 July 2014


Alberta Government Employees ca. 1973
painted woodcuts on hundred year old salvaged
Douglas Fir
48" x 48"
Lisa Brawn


Pay-it-forward public art project

Calgary Pophouse project

In 2013 I worked on a pay-it-forward public-art-on-private-residences project with help from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. A series of glossy enamel Pop woodcuts have been installed on the exterior street-side of inner city houses. Each of the recipients then produces one artwork for installation on another house. I will be continuing this project in 2014, so let me know if you'd like to participate. Find the pophouse woodcuts in Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant, Briar Hill, Bankview, Crescent Heights, Ramsay, Roxboro, Sunnyside, and Inglewood.

Notable Interview

June 2013

Notable Interview

Calgary-based artist Lisa Brawn has been experimenting with primarily figurative, portrait genre painted woodcut blocks for over twenty years and has a knack for turning alternative venues in the city into gallery and project spaces. She also has a very interesting creative process, as you'll find out in today's profile... 

Museo Poco / Sugar Cube / La Fenêtre

history of the window gallery at 924 17th Ave SW Calgary

Museo Poco, Sugar Cube, La Fenêtre gallery

This small scale interdisciplinary project space was originally started by the United Congress in 1999 as One Minute Happiness. In 2007 they handed it over to me and I renamed it Museo Poco. When Angie Inglis + Jane Grace + I closed Sugar Shack Art Salon in 2010 we co-curated the window gallery as Sugar Cube. It is currently operating as the collaborative space La Fenêtre between myself + Eddie Olson + White-field Senate.

Photos row 1:
Romana Prokopiw / Leslie Sweder / Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner / John Will / Tanzerpudel (pudilluminator)

row 2:
Jolie Bird / Sally Raab / Jack Bride

Sugar Shack Art Salon

DIY 2009-2010

Sugar Shack Art Salon

The Sugar Shack Art Salon was an independent gallery and interdisciplinary project space run by Angela "Fat Harp Malone" Inglis, Lisa "Pretty Liver McGee" Brawn, and Jane "Boney Jones" Grace in 2009 and 2010 in a turn-of-the-century “cottage” in residential NW Calgary. Sugar Shack featured 77 local, provincial and national artists at shows such as Debutante’s Ball, Nursies, Paper Jam, Love Shack, DioramaRama!, God Show 2: The Resurrection, and Genderblender. There was also an artist residency, The L. S. Benschop Institute for the Preservation & Veneration of Imagination & Nostalgia. The art salon was closed when centipedes fell from the light sockets.

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